Senate Action on Repeal of the Affordable Care Act
As you have probably heard, the US Senate is planning to move forward to repeal and replace the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA)...
2017 ID Action Lifetime Achievement Awards
Cherie Clark and Becky Harker selected for the 2017 ID Action Lifetime Achievement Award Des Moines, IA – Iowans with Disabilities in Action...

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Quick Reference List  - A list of organizations providing information on disabilities and/or resources in Iowa.  

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 Guardianship/Conservatorship Papers (updated March 2016)

A set of informational papers developed for the Council by Iowa Legal Aid. These papers cover many often-asked questions concerning guardianship and conservatorship. They include powers, duties and responsibility of a guardian and a conservator as well as the ward rights, how to apply for, modify or terminate a guardianship or conservatorship.